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For Sale... KingRex UD384 USB Dac


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For Sale is my 8 month old KingRex UD384 USB Dac.
This DAC lists for $499USD...
I am asking $375.

It is in as new condition and will give any computer based music system outstanding sound performance with bit rates up to 24bit and sample rates up to 192kHz.
This will let you hear what all this Hires talk is all about!

I also have the matching KingRex U Power (also 8 months old) which ups the performance on the already fantastic UD384.
The Kingrex U Power offers the end user a way to isolate the Kingrex UD384 USB Dac from noisy & dirty AC power sources. It is a battery power supply used to power the UD384 with pure DC power.
The U Power retails for $199USD... I am asking $150.

For those wanting the DAC and U Power supply...
Package deal I am asking $475.... SOLD


Thanks for looking.

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Bump up for some more looks.

The UD384 can also be used as a USB to Coax SPDIF interface to send digital to your uber high end DAC to get the most out of your hi res files!

As well, with the help of a few software programs play DFF SACD files from your computer.

Also, soon via a driver update, 32bit/352.8kHz will be available on the KingRex UD384.

All this for $425, with the U-Power!

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