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Hello Newbie Looking....


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Hey everyone....First of all I want to say I have lurked here and have really enjoyed seeing some of the speakers and Home Theaters on this site. I have not seen them all but I enjoyed going through the thead of Wake DIY on the Fireplace and the HT. Amazing and reading the comments and help and suggestions by Youth and a few others. I originally got here because I was looking for a vintage Klipsch speaker. I have looked and looked but I do not think I have seen it. Maybe you guys can help me or point me in the right direction...I will describe it the best I can. I last saw it in 1992, it was a tall speaker and I believe it had a horn on it and a speaker or cone in the rear of it. A friend had them who I am not in contact with now. The sound was so crisp and the higs were clear and the bass had clean thump to it.

If anyone has any idea thanks in advance.

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Sancho thanks and I went and looked at those too. Is there an opening on the back side? The others seemed taller and wider if such a speaker was made. I really missed out on not buying those at the time. But you can imagine how finaces were at that time. Enjoyed your comments in the Wake thread also Sanco.

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Seems like it was more of the Klipschorn...but it seemed to not have a cover. Could have had them off I guess. The passive opening is probably what I saw. I am guessing a pair of the Klipschorns and a pair of La scalas would awesome to have for some music listening?

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