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Adcom GFA 555 Amp Questions

Pete H

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Dean, that was the actual story about the original GFA1*

PWK delighted in asking people why he named it the MCM1900, and then not explaining it.

*( a gutsy 360W/channel amplifier that was about a 7" cube. I actually mounted one of these and a Carver cube on the same 7" rack panel for a PA system).

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If in good shape and not in need of and upgrades internally 555s uaually go for $300 all day long at all various sites.The original are more covetted than the mk11s so yes it's a good price ,again if they both work as advertised.I have a 555 rack mount face and they are built like tanks mine does not get even remotely warm when even pushing multiple sets of speakers which I do not do but I had to try it. It's a worthy 80's amp.

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