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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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It is powered by a small inboard diesel, no sails, just short masts used as part of the structure. I posted a pic of the boat earlier. They are called bancas and scale from maybe a two person up to thirty or fifty feet.


Here's one of the whole boat. Not sure the distance we traveled. Maybe about 14 miles. This one was solid, though, had running lights if you were out at night.




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Just now, JohnJ said:

Few times that I laid brick that would not have been copacetic.


I fully agree. After my wife got here to the States, I showed her a bunch of construction and she was amazed at how clean and tidy the brickwork was finished.

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Eclipse from Texarkana. 

First one of these I ever saw was in the early sixties. It was warmer weather and it occurred just after dark. I recall that, for some reason, I was at Spring Lake Park. Having a fire and brimstone father I was a bit concerned about the end of days as he'd quoted prophecy regarding the blood red moon.

Almost lost my long lens, camera, and strobe to the eclipse. I was attempting to get it tilted enough on the tripod in the dark, cold, and with gloves and hit the wrong lever...the quick release, which did just that. It fell nearly four feet to the concrete. Seems I was being looked after as the old skylight 1A I had on it for the same reasons we did so in the old days did its job and gave its life for the lens. Seems it landed first and shattered, minimizing damage to the lens and the rest. Lens has a bit of resistance now in the zoom function but appears to be focusing and working OK.

As to the pictures, I realized after the fact that I should have increased the ISO instead of the exposure as the moon grew dark. Last couple are a bit smeared due to the earth's rotation. Oh, well... Jack of all trades, master of none.







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2 hours ago, Dave1290 said:

Two happy campers right there!  So glad you enjoyed.



We're just about ready to head back. I can't believe I used to live in Wisconsin. Right now, North Georgia isn't far enough south. Another Filipina friend was just here and is also ready to go. Her daughter graduates from HS next year and they are planning a trip together.





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