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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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Nice shot!  Kid was prolly tickled ya got it!  Had a real nice series of OSU's Jim Jackson once throwin down a tomahawk jam over Steve Smith from MSU.  HUGE B1G game years ago for both teams.  Found out later from JJ when I gave him some pics that he loved it.  Said they made a bet.  Told me the loser had to deliver their game worn shoes to the winner's locker room after the game.  Said he was soooo glad they won.  Too funny! :)

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I wanted to capture the Feb 8, 2020 full moon over the SF Bay Area in NorCal, and this is the result of about two dozen clicks over twenty  minutes.  If you can expand the image to full size you will see craters along the bottom edge of the moon; "ray systems" (hub and spokes) are also pronounced as are bright ice patches(?) on the moon's surface.  Although I did make a couple of minor "adjustments" with software afterward, the basic image is quite amazing all by itself.  Thanks for viewing.



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On 2/13/2020 at 8:57 PM, scalawag said:

I wanted to capture the Feb 8, 2020 full moon over the SF Bay Area in NorCal

Need to check in here more often, it's been a while.


Great picture, well done Scalawag.


For a different view and not as interesting, this from NASA, the Voyager probe right before the probe shut down. This is earth from 4 billion miles away....the tiny dot in the right center, looks kind of lonely.


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8 minutes ago, dtel said:

Not good at all but it could have been much worse, a hairy spider. :wacko: 

I'd have destroyed the kleenex box getting it to fit in the shape of the sink to smash it!

And the D*e mfr Di@! song would have been heard yet again here!

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That is insidious that it's hidden on his tail. The ones I saw, the first one painting the interior of a home... I was almost shocked even though I'd heard they were around Orlando. The lady of that house walked in there and saw me going after it and calmly stated "Make sure you hear the shell crunch, or it's not dead"

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Not aware of what their sting is like or how long it hurts and side effects.

Rather get stung by a dirt dauber than bit by a f'n spider. Wasp sting doesn't hurt 30 hours later sometimes 12 hrs. Some spider bites hurt for six weeks and leave whelps or holes in your leg.

I'll go out of my way to kill a spider.

* Whoops, sorry `bout all the OT this is the photog thread.


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