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Grundig 3060a sucessfully repaired by excellent tech

Richard Guba

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Since many Klipsch enthusiasts are also lovers of tubes, I want to relay my experience in getting my treasured Grundig 3060a reparied.

The radio is in my avatar and is a 1956 7 tube radio. It belonged to my grandfather. A year ago it stopped working and I tried to find a tech in the DC area. After a bad experience with a TV repair shop near Annapolis, I found the radio repair guy, John O'Brien from Potomac, MD. John has a great web site that you can find my googling radio repair guy.

Over the last 12 years John has done over 600 tube radios. He took on my complex German radio when many would not touch it. He replaced the capacitors and did some excellent trouble shooting in the radio and audio amplifier sections. He replaced the Selenium rectifier and managed to clean out the very complex push button system.

The result is amazing. The radio has great sensitivity and selectivity. The good news for DC area tube lovers is that he also works on tube separates as well as radios.

I spent a year trying to get this radio repaired locally without the risk of shipping. I highly recommend John O'Brien as a true gentleman and expert technician.



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Very nice little radio, my friend has a cosmetically mint Majestic 8058 he wants to tear apart ( not currently working) and make into a foldaway bar. I have been trying to talk him into not ripping it apart and having it fixed.

Im sure it sounded nice when it worked

It has to be worth something, still has all the paperwork including the Montgomery wards layaway receipt.

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You are fortunate to have found someone who is willing to service a radio like your Grundig. I stopped restoring those, Telefunkens, etc, years ago because they are a real pain to do! In fact, I don't know of any radio guys in this area who are doing them. Glad you posted- now I have someone to refer those to!!! Enjoy it- the fidelity of those radios is usually excellent.


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