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Wanted a pair of Klipshorn or La Scala


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I would get these La Scala II in MI:


Would you get the II's over a an older pair with no upgrades?

I have never heard the La Scala II. I heard that if you like La Scala, you will love the La Scala II (more of a good thing).

The ones in MI are new, he dropped them off at the costumers house and picked them up the next day, the wife didn't approve.

For me, it would come down to budget. I considered the La Scala II in MI, but I already have the La Scala and couldn't justify the extra cost (I would have had to sell to buy). The ones in MI are listed at the same price as the Chicago area ones (which are more than I would pay).

I will be out of town until the 6th, but if you haven't bought anything by then, you can stop by for a listen to decide what sound you like. I have all the vintage Klipsch, you can compare the Heresy, Cornwall, La Scala, Belle, and Klipschorn. I also have the Quartet, Forte, Chorus II, and KLF-30.

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Hi All,

I am looking to purchase a used pair of the above in good shape. Belles would work too. I am in the Chicagoland area.

Thank you


If your room has corners those Khorns ^ ^ will absotively posilutely sing!

What gear will you be driving them with, OP?

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