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Our CW1228 12 inch Stamped Steel Frame Woofers. Replacement woofer for the Heresy 1 and Heresy II speakers. Also works good in the KLF-30 and the KLipsch Jubilee. This woofer has gaskets on both sides of the mounting flange, so is ready to use in the Heresy 1 mounted from the inside of the cabinet or the Heresy II, KLF-30 and others mounted from the outside of the cabinet. Shipping is $20.00 by UPS in the US.

Model CW1228 Pair: $180.00.


welcome to the forum. here ya go

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Welcome to the forum!


First time poster needs help with a pair of Heresy's from the early 80's. Cat decided to claw one of my woofers. Where can I get a matching pair? Thank you.

Cat claw? Doesn't sound too serious. Got any pictures?


If nothing else, you can sell them. DEFINITELY don't throw them out!

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