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WTB Black RF-83's NW Ohio


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I am taking the next step, I want to add black rf-83's to my addiction. I am in nw ohio and need to find a pair close to being local, a reasonable drive is expected.... at a fair going rate price.

As a plan B, I do have a buddy working in Kissimmee FL, however he works all the time and may be hard to arrange a pickup, He will not be back into ohio for about 7 weeks so I am really hoping I can find some around here and not have to trouble him with hauling them home and or storing them untill he gets home, and then of course I would be itching waiting on them!! Thanks!!

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Wish you the best with your search, but I will say that they are pretty rare. Don't know if it is because there aren't many out there or people just aren't selling them. I scored a pair a few months ago and had to drive 9 hours round trip.

Well worth the trip.


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Thank you!! dont know if I would want to drive that far... but you never know!! Think I could stuff them in my jetta TDI.... might help to save if I had a long distance find.

Another one I would love to try would be the KLF 30, but I am pretty sure 2 of those monsters would not fit. Guess I will have to do some measuring.

I wish I could hear some 30 and 83 local again......heard the KLF 20 and the 83 years ago, so its kind of a gamble!! Time will tell

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