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Wanted RS-35


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If you ever want to upgrade your RS-35's I am looking for a set to complete a surround system in a new house.

I have almost "upgraded" more than once but truthfully I am very pleased with the RS-35's. The RS-52's would not be that much of a difference and the RS-62's are just too big(WAF) for my family room.

I will keep my eyes peeled for you.

Good luck in your quest,


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Thanks Bill, I talked to this man and he decided he really didn't want to sell them. I'll keep my eye on Ebay, that's where I found the one I have, didn't want to buy only one but I figured my odds were improved to buy one now and wait for one or two to surface.

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Thanks. I saw these also, not in as good a condition as I would like and I don't know how hard/easy to replace the cloth grills. I actually purchased a couple of RS62's from Ebay last night in a drunken stupor not knowing whether I would find any good condition speakers. Very good price but I didn't realize how huge those speakers are.

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