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heresy III on stands ?


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I have been living with my heresy III for a week and Im quite happy with them excellent midrange etc, I am waiting for a pair of steel speaker stands to arrive but have them on breeze blocks at the moment about 17 inch high,I found that when they were sat on the floor on there slanted plinths that the sound had no real soundstage but was much better off the floor there is a loss of some bass but not to much,is it true that the heresy mid and treble give more output(louder) than the bass to sound more balanced on the floor ? as there dose seam a bit more presence on the mid and treble areas while on stands,do any of you guys use them on stands ?


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I had my stands made by a local metal fab shop to my spec,they weigh around 30 kilos each I too have spikes on the bottom plate but blue tack on top plate for the speakers to sit on,for me the stands made a big improvment to the soundstage etc,it still suprises me how good the heresy are with vocals !

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I have mine about 36in off the ground, also runnin a set of Outlaw subs, hooked to a pioneer sx850, awesome sounding rig, just as good as my chorus ll"s imo

since you have then that high you might want to try them on their sides and you have an instant pair of H2 verticals My H3 sound excellent that way I prefer it to the standard orientation. Have fun see what you think of vertical horns you might be very surprised. Best regards Moray James.

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run my highly modified H3 up on 21 inch four post stands, there is also an additional 3/4" to 1" of spike in addition to the 21" stands. I have lots of bass and superb stage and image.Best regards Moray James.

what modifcations have do to the H3 ?

The links below cover much but not all that has been done but it is a very good start. Hope this is of interest. Best regards Moray James.







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you might want to try them on their sides
I prefer it to the standard orientation.
You really are quite strange Moray...... :emotion-21:..That's a compliment by the way B)......To the OP Dougie, I have Forte 2s that are 21inches off the ground with the mid horn right at my ear level when I'm sitting.

And I bet it sounds amazing.

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AA thanks. I do try. I know that I am tooting my own horn but these H3 are unlike any others in existance and they really must be heard to be believed. Bass extension is nothing short of amazing they surpass the stock H3 by such a huge degree listening to stock is simply a waste of time and a hurt on your ears.

There are two sets of H3 here and one was used as a base reference while the first pair was modified. Both are now identical there is no going back.

One of my two sets of KLF20 have undergone very similar modifications and there is no contest especialyl in the bass department and most of all between the K701 and the mid horn of the KLF20 which mops the floor with even my modified K701. My K79 tweeters are in the H3 and the tractrix H3 tweeters are matched up really well with tractrix mids in the KLF20. So I have all exponential with exponential and tractrix with tractrix something Klipsch never seemed to do. Hope this is of interest. Sorry if I have hijacked the thread so I won't even start on my "once upon a time CF3's". Best regards Moray James.

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