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Scala's are home, WOW :)


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Wait 'till you try the Klipschorns!

Several years ago, I picked up a pair of RF-7's thinking I will never part with. Well, in short, goodbye my ol' friends. Hello! La Scala!!!

After getting them settled in (had to paint the wall behind cause they clashed with the yellow). Replaced a diaphragm on one HF horn (I'll do the other next week). It was time for a test drive!

Three words, OMG!!! :) -the delicacy of sound from these is amazing. The warmth is attractive and the look, well, look at them! Gorgeous!

I was a little worried they would be too much. Those worries went quickly out the door with the twist of the throttle. Oh dear Lord, I had no idea what I have been missing. Now to smooth over the neighbors. I think some fresh baked cookies are in order :)


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what are your thoughts?

Morning Dennie :)

Growing more fond at each pass of another song. Simply put into one word, Happy! Amazed! Excited! Thrilled! Complete! Giddy! WOW!

The sound from these is more remarkable than I imagined. There is no comparison to my old RF-7's. I'll never go back :)))

...a 1/3rd of a turn of the volume knob - BLISS

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