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Welcome also to you Chuck; Seems that your lurking has paid off.

"Currently running a Cornwall III 2 ch. system and HT with KLF-30's and 10's plus KLF C-7, Marantz separates and Klipsch sub." Sounds like you have two very fine systems so your ears must be accustom to quality sound reproduction.

Can you imagine your KLF30 and KLF10 with all Ti diaphragms? Watch out for the modification bug it's so easy to catch. Best regards Moray James.

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Thanks, Moray, and to everyone else. I do believe this is the friendliest forum. I sometimes participate on Audiogon (as Yahoochaz), but there is less sense of community sometimes, despite some very nice folks who participate over there. The mod bug usually escapes me since I usually lack confidence when it comes to taking speakers apart and replacing stuff. That could change, I guess.

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Modification work is not always difficult but it is very contagious so see if you can find some local members and you can visit and see what they have done. Things like diaphragms are very easy and only take a little time to do but have a huge impact. At the very least you should install some Crites ti tweeter diaphrafms in your KLF30 and KLF10 speakers you will be shocked by the improvement. I know the KLF20/30 use the black shiny poly tweeter diaphragm which is truly the worst tweeter diaphragm Klipsch ever made for a K79, most of which use phenolic diaphragms the ti versions sound the same as your CW3 do. Best regards Moray James.

PS: Audio Karma also have a lot of very friendly member folks.

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