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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Rv roof coated w/primer coat :emotion-21:


Wife unit home & happy :emotion-21:


Off the Rv roof for the day :emotion-21:


Sat, snow roof coating time. X's as many coats till the coating runs out :mellow2:


Neighbor youngin just came home, invited him over to shop for his xmas present, a laser for his Glock.

He has been a pretty good dude about helping this old man on any occasion called upon.

Works in the trades for a living, and has NO Felony's, good dude in my book :emotion-21:


Oregon run next month, missing that coastal air & Crabbin :emotion-19:


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Happy Friday Evening to all...Cheers :emotion-22:, I'm done with Coffee for the day LOL.

Work was Work...."Sucked" LOL

I picked up a pair of  "Mogami Gold Neglex Quad Microphone Cable for Studio Neutrik XLR"

Reason,  I wanted to see what it would sound like bypassing the Transcendent GG Preamp,. I gotta say It Sounds Damn good without the Pre-Amp. The biggest benefit is My DAC has a remote for up and down LOL.

I still don't like the Crown for stereo...Those mAmps I think will be coming before the end of this year :biggrin:


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Good Friday evening everyone.....    Looks like a busy week was had by all..............


I am ready to relax in Music Hall tonight with my friends over in RTM, spinning what ever will spin and enjoying the music, company, along with a fine adult beverage to go with it ;):emotion-46::emotion-46:    Do stop by and say hello with a tune or two....  :emotion-29:



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Good Friday Evening Gang


Sitting here waiting for the neighbor, assy of my RV "Marcerator" pump for pumping out the Dreaded "Blackwater Tank"

Thought id use quick couplers and 50' X 3/4" discharge hose, all good, and great idea :emotion-21:

Assy of coupler to pump, Threading the coupler onto the pump, snapped those threads right off the pump housing i did :o


Just ordered a "New" housing @$45 bucks, maybe next time i'll NOT titen so much, dam plastic world we live in.....:emotion-41:


New "Chicken" Tamale on the Menu this evening, Guinness Blond for the evening Libations :emotion-22:


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1 hour ago, BigStewMan said:

Mark Buddy -- you going to still be in Roseville in May?  May 17th is when i set sail out of the OC for good.  Wouldn’t mind stopping by and introducing myself in person. Plus i have an Aunt that lives in Roseville, so I can see her too.  


I'll PM you my #        you should PM me your regular email.

By Jan/Feb the 5th wheel will be well on the way to being road ready, April/May we are thinking road time, but just thinking so far, plans change, who knows.


The drive up from LA/OC is a good drive for the day, you can always crash here for the evening/day or so, then one day drive to your middle of nowhere Oregon......

In fact if you stay here, you WILL be in the RV, nothing like having a spare cottage on the side of the house :emotion-21:


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Quite evening

Shopping the Bay

Trying NOT to spend money, RV is pretty much handled, course im still on the roof.

Many goodies upgrades stacked in the wife's garage.

Thinking two channel will be dam near the last thing, ****** is the RV stereo sucks wile working.

Sure would be nice to crank some Scalas wile work-in-progress.

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4 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

You’re a good man Mark.  Looking forward to it; but, if you have plans to hit the road earlier in the season--go for it. Don’t delay any plans on my account, it’s more important to keep the Mrs. Happy. 

The way im working on this Rv, it should be road ready by Jan, that being the case it's only the weather that tells us where to go.

Likely could be home resting come April/May.


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Happy Saturday .... man this has been one goof off week. Must have been resting up from vacation in NM. No excuses. if I have my way, the trend will continue today.


Jeff ...if you hadn't already guessed, it would be wise to pack jeans, long sleeve shirts and jackets for your Colorado trip. Just listened to the forecast and the mountains are getting snow. Forgot to mention that yesterday. Also, if you detour to the metro Denver area, PM me with your cell number and we could try to meet up.


Enjoy the weekend folks ........cheers.

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Good Sat morn

I think Chuck needs a longer vacation, and Stew needs a permanent one.


:emotion-44:1st cup going well, looking up at the Rv Roof, And looking, and Looking.

All new vents, A/C serviced, Divits patched and everything caulked.

Primer coat the whole roof yesterday, one hour. Snow roof coating DAY! FINELY!:emotion-21:

And when it drys, coat again, and again till there's an empty bucket.


The antenna is in perfect shape, except the coax shielding has been eatin off by the sun over the last 10 years:unsure2:

Replacing the coax is no biggie, i however am getting brain fry thinking how i could design a better one, amped of course :emotion-55:

Satt tv will be a staple, but i really like local backwoods/hometown stations.


HD run and trying to talk the wife into BACON!:emotion-21:






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Good Saturday afternoon all...

Just caught up on the post from the last couple days.... funny stuff: karl the water bug, avatars looking better with no head:P lol lol...


Richieb.... congrats on the 1000th post....nice...:emotion-21::emotion-21:


My old shop helper turned 30 on Thursday. The BOSS and I went out to dinner with him and his wife Thursday evening. It was a good night. He is riding on top of a big wave right now. He just got a big promotion at his job last month. He's in charge of 13 Mr. Tire stores here in Md. He's cracking some really good coin... Like more than I've ever made... I told him how proud I was of him... he is really a smart guy... and many people have told me how I have helped to mold him into the man he is today... We have been through a lot of chitt. From the 1st week he was working around my shop, he got to know me real quick.... I told him to get the broom and sweep my shop floors... I was watching him use the broom.. it was like a monkey @#%&*&! football... I walked up to him and snatched the broom from his hands and said "let me show how to operate a MFing vertical broom the US army trained me and I'm gonna train you"....  Well he kept coming back... that was over 15 years ago... I watched him grow from a 5'9" 125lb kid to a 6'4" 210 lb man with a wife and three kids.... yea he's my boy;)

So today is his party at his house... and as always MKP is bringing the music:D he has always loved my music gear... I sold him my Cornwalls about eight years ago...


On 9/22/2016 at 11:29 AM, Jeff Matthews said:

Next week, weather permitting, it's a road trip all through central Colorado, South-to-North.  


Jeff that brings back some memories.... Back in 88 I took a trip cross country..... from Baltimore to Seattle.... It was me, a parts guy from the dealer ship I was working at, a cat, three hermit crabs and my African Grey Parrot all stuffed into my 79 Civic Wagon.... I got this wagon from a customer that had it towed into the dealer... it needed a engine.... well she sold it to me for $75...... I rebuilt the engine and got it running good.. The wagon had religious painting all over it.... it was quite a site to look at.... Not that have a problem with anybody's religion.... The week before we left the parts guy told me " dude I'm not driving across country with that car like that"...... he bought a bunch of flat black spay paint.... after work one night we painted the wagon..... and the night before we left I swapped out the 4sp trans to a 5sp trans... and the road test was to Seattle... I through the old 4sp trans on the roof of the wagon and packed enough tools to swap it out if it took a dump on the way...

We left Baltimore and took the Blue ridge Parkway all the way down to the Carolina's then we headed West... 

When we got out to Colorado some of the Mt roads were closed and yea there was snow on the ground.... I think it was Sept... Some of the Mountain passes were almost too much for the Wagon... there were a few that I didn't think we going to make it up.... Like 1st gear gas floored 20 mph..... but once we got over it was a fun ride down.... drifting in neutral and speedo pegged all the way down till we hit the next pass.....

One of the most important stops for us was the Coors Beer factory... and the Grand Canyon...... 

We would wake up in the morning look at the map and figure out were we wanted to go that day..... I must say after ten day trapped in the car with the parts guy I had about enough of him..... His name was Carl:o lol lol.... fun times....

Enjoy the trip Jeff...


On 9/22/2016 at 10:23 AM, minermark said:

MKP, those "Crowns" this guy has, let me know what they are, i could be down for a couple.

My QSC is i think TOO big for the RV, so im kind of shopping for something around 100 to 200 WPC.


Mark... I'll know more once I see what this guy has... but I think he said they are the Macro 2400's and 3600's those are some power houses...

A few months ago I grabbed three Crown CE1000's.... I think these are 275 watts per channel. I replaced my carver TFM-42 at the shop with one of them... they do get the KP's bumping.... anyway I don't need all three..... I'll send ya pic of them and tell ya what I got in them... but shipping might not be worth it my friend...


OK I'm gonna do something..... a good day to all


MKP :-)

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Getting ready to roll.....


Gear all packed up.....my old shop helpers wife will be taking him out soon and when he gets back to there house the party will be going..... DJ MKP will be pumpimg the jams....lol lol...


I did move some wood around the yard and came across Mr. Toad in the log pile.... came across some ugly spiders too....



MKP :-)


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Good evening my friends..............having a SYNC play with 3 other RTM'ers with YES'  Close To The Edge.....   But, just stopped in to say hello..


OT, why does that object over Mr. Frog seem to resemble a tie rod end ?!??

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