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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Took LF's family to historic Oakdale Cemetery this morning for a 2 hour tour.  They are history buffs.  The Confederate mass grave where 367 unknown soldiers were interred from the battle at Ft. Fisher and the mass grave where 400 citizens were interred as a result of yellow fever are notable sites.  There is also a grave for the daughter of a sea captain who died at sea and was placed in a cask of rum to preserve the body till back home.  She was buried in the cask.  Many interesting head stones and monuments.


Cooking dinner for the LF's mother in law and her sister tonight.  Preparing the old standard chuck roast (no relation to Chuck in Colarado).  A large roast with carrots, onions, sweet and new potatoes, broth, onion soup mix, and a couple of sprigs of rosemary.  Banana crème pie for dessert.

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Thanks to all again.  It means a lot to me.  Amy is currently in surgery.  We'll have to spend the weekend as she'll have another procedure Monday.  Anyone up for babysitting a Rottie?  Lots of loose ends and we had zero time to plan.  We only brought one change of clothes so I'll run home tomorrow for supplies.  Such is life.  I'll check in from time to time as we'll be doing a lot of waiting.

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Will do and thanks Mike.

We're up in her room now.  There's a fold out bed that we'll use tonight.  Amy is doing well and fairly comfortable.   It's strange to watch her spinal fluid drip into a cylinder though.   Eerie actually.  It's no biggie to everyone working on this floor but it blows my mind.

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7 hours ago, akdave said:

Celebrating National Coffee Day with you all today! 

YES, doing it right now, well OK everyday and all day, told the wife I need a shirt that says "powered by coffee".


Prayers for Amy

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Just saw this. Carl my friend, so sorry to hear of Amy’s situation. I’m not one that wants to be cheered up when i’m going through something that sucks, so i won’t try to cheer you up. Just know that if i wasn’t a 1000 miles away (or however far that country that you live in is from Los Angeles) I’d be there for your family...and the Rottie.

I’ll keep praying for you all...in God’s hands is the best place to be.

Best Regards always.

p.s. i think my first conversation with you was when you were shopping for a guitar for your daughter.  Was this daughter Amy?

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