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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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52 minutes ago, JL Sargent said:

One more day of this and then the weekend!

It seems in all those old pictures everything is driven by belts, good business to be in back then I would think.

Love them old pictures.

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Morning/Afternoon all....

It's been awhile since I have checked in.... All is OK with The BOSS and me...... just doing our thing...


The BOSS is at mom's house today, our daughter has some stuff to do.... so The BOSS is on "mom" watch. She should be in sometime this afternoon...


Kinda slow at the shop for the past few weeks..... don't know what's going on.... even the used cars guys are slow... they have sold only two cars in two weeks.... The sales guys that come around the shop tell me that most shops are kinda slow. Man it should be letting loose soon, people are getting that tax money back;)

Anyway I've been rolling out of the shop early and hitting the gym. Found a boxing gym in town.... I came across this place a few weeks ago, they just moved to this location. It's just down the street from the shop about a mile or so. The guy that runs the gym is training two young kids, a girl that's 12 and a boy that's 14. They were in the ring last night sparing for 4 rounds and they were throwing BOMBS... Man it was fun watching those two. The girl is tough a chitt she took a few shots but did not back up, she just kept in the pocket and threw bombs right back at the boy... After the last round the whole gym gave them a round of applause. Good stuff... I've never trained at a "real" boxing gym before, so this type of training is all new to me... so far I like it...


Ok gonna try and catch up on some posts.... a good day to all...


MKP :-)


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Just now, CECAA850 said:


12 minutes ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:

don't know what's going on.... even the used cars guys are slow

It's been unusually slow in all the shops around here as well.  It's been very strange for this time of year.



Yea Carl I know what your saying..... Around this time of year my schedule is usually all jammed packed....


MKP :-)

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Windy here and windy at The Masters.  Moving the golf balls even on the greens:o

Got a bunch of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning all night.  Lots of flooding.

New Honda mower and cordless hedge trimmer came today.  Guess I'll be doing my yard one more year.....

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Evening gents


Rain-out @ the farm(s).

Heard shooting from the next farm over, went over there to visit.

Farmer sitting at his dinning room table in his BVD's shooting varmits through his (0pen) dining room window.

Was, as usual, invited to drink and shoot all day.

Fed the Farm dog(s) day old Donuts.




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