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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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1 hour ago, jimjimbo said:

Boneless pork butt on the smoker first thing in the morning.  Came in two pieces, which was perfect, each about 7 lbs.  Coated both with my homemade rub, then one with apple butter, and the other with crabapple butter.  Resting in the fridge overnight.  Pecan and sugar maple smoking wood, and a tiny bit of oak.  Photos as we go.

I cook those all the time, one of my favorites. 


I usually rub them with seasoning and referigate if for 2-3 days then smoke.

I only cook them to 135 degrees and take them off to cool, perfect every time.

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30 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

This isn't a big *** fan but I've seen them. It's made by Minka Aire.  Still not cheap though.

I don't know, maby they sold those fans at one time. It is the same fan for sure, no others look like that, I helped install the new one when it came in. They have a transformer in the because the motor is DC. His has a remote, and when you turn it on the center of the bottom has LED lights inside and they light for a minute to show what speed it's set at

It looks exactly like yours.

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1 hour ago, richieb said:

We had a few Big Asss fans at my old company, 8 foot blades I think. You should see the motor for those things, takes PLC controller to run the things. About $5-10K depending on blade(s) length. Talk about moving some air - I'd bet we could get Oldtimer off the ground with one of those!

It's a little hard to make out, but that's a Big Asss fan mounted to the steel support on the canopy in my avatar. We mounted two of them under that canopy. Must have been a big a$$ canopy!!

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IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, BREAK GLASS . . . or in this case, Mylar.


Horrors, the whole bean 8 O'Clock is gone.  Let's see how the Mylar bag preserved the freshness of the Cadillac Coffee after more than a year.


Good morning to all, especially to the always positive folks here.



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