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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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16 minutes ago, billybob said:

Dang, Hoping Christy is feeling a whole lot better after that. Glad Klipsch members could hope out the situation...:emotion-21:

She is feeling a little better at least she can breath easier. thanks

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Evening gents


Farm run was normal

One of the farmers came across a bunch of nice wood pallets, freebies.

2' X 8' skinned on one side, brand new too :emotion-21:

I brought a couple home, good temp yard const tables for our impending casting of river rock(s).


Pizza on the venue, crackin a Guinness.





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Almost spaced this one of a kind "Neighbor" who i did not know till my way to the Donut shop this morning.

He owns a recording studio and is moving from wherever he is now to a new place next town over.

So he was setting up a "Yard Sale"

Dont see many "Sales" like this very often, i picked up a couple cool RV Chairs, everything else he had i just looked

And thought iv already got the same kind of junk myself :rolleyes:







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this is a story of being a tight end ...and becoming a loose end.   

Former Oregon player Colt Lyerla caught after escape from corrections center

Colt Lyerla was apprehended after escaping from a Washington County (Ore.) Correctional facility.
Kevin Spain | USA TODAY SportsUpdated 7:29 p.m. ET May 5, 2017

Former Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla was caught by Hillsboro, Ore., police one day after he escaped from the Washington County Community Correction Center, the Oregonian reported.

Lyerla was serving a six-month sentence on forgery charges and for a probation violation. He got out through a window Thursday evening and a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Police found Lyerla on N.E. Parkside Drive in Hillsboro after someone called them about a man overdosing on drugs. He was apprehended and taken to the hospital for treatment. He will be booked into the Washington County jail after his release from the hospital, a police spokesman said.

A former tight end for the Ducks, Lyerla has had more than his share of trouble since leaving the program. Lyerla was convicted for heroin possession earlier this year. He was also sentenced in April for forgery after he pleaded guilty to using counterfeit money at several convenience stores.


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Morning Gents.  Remind me not to let LF take my picture after I've finished the bourbon and started on the scotch:wacko:  I look like I'm ready for bed.


dtel the wounds on Jake's legs are self inflicted.  He gnaws on himself when his arthritis is bothering him.  Have tried pain meds and cold laser therapy.  Laser therapy helped but then he starting on the other leg:huh:  I give him a baby aspirin and a couple of homeopathic pain meds as well.


I hope Christy is better this morning.  I'm sure she is exhausted from the Pilgrimage and not being able to breathe.  Tell her tarheel says hey!



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Late on the coffee trail today, but starting the second pail.  Woke up early with a killer headache, looked out the window, see the possum eating vittles.  All is well in possum kingdom.  Back to bed for the morning after some self medication, still groggy come hockey time, coffee is the ticket.  The good news is Man U lost 2-0.  Time for Nashville to up their game.

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I got this for my birthday in March and it has changed my life. No more frigg'n starbucks and it taste better as well. The grinder is good, the hot water / steamer is good. It is also portable as it has its own water tank on the back. Once dialed in it is amazing.....



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