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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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4 minutes ago, grasshopper said:

boy, do I feel blonde.....

I did a little programming, back in the early 70's... Basic, COBOL, Fortan. I discovered that linear thought is not my forte.

Now I just let someone else worry about that stuff

I don’t usually touch a computer unless I’m forced to.

Like at my job as an IT sysadmin.


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I hired someone to teach me spread sheets.  Naturally there was a master plan for the plant and it was alllll his.  Gave him a pager and told him he had 3 minutes to respond by phone from anywhere in the plant or he was gone.  He told me I was like a kid playing with a loaded gun.  We had a good laff over that so every time I'd pass him in the plant I'd shoot myself in the head w/my finger gun.  Worked every time.  Tons of laffs.  Corporate thought I was  genius.  hahaha  Then poof I was gone.  He's still there raping the corporate wallets.  😂

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isn't that one of Murphy's Laws

there is one person, in this place, that knows what is going on... they must be fired


Good Morning all.

Didn't do anything exciting yesterday. Took the Sony AVR out of the doghouse system and put the Yamaha back in... I know...it's been a couple days that I had it home. No reason to be in the doghouse. Wife is out of town. I get to listen to the home system... when I like, w/i reason.

Found a couple CDs at the WhiteElephant the other day.

Steve Winwood Roll With it

Jethro Tull Benefit

Black Crows


Spent a total of $4. I had to apologize to the cashier. All I had for cash was a $100 bill and wiped out their drawer 20 min after they opened. Oh well! They had a bunch of Toad the Wet Sprocket CDs... but, even for $1ea, I didn't buy any. I will take a chance on things I've never heard. Not this time

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Eye #2 is done and it's pretty darn amazing what this guy did.  Might need reading glasses according to him but that's about it.  Boxes showing up and nothing to play them on.  lolol  Road trip coming right up me thinks.  Not too soon but soon.  :)  


Toad & the sprocket huh Bill???  You likey?  

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