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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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23 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Of course there is! For family... but I don't have any anymore.

For strangers, yes also. But don't normally have strangers over since my early thirties.


For the two that wanted to blow up those full grandstands on one of the USA's most special days. Plus she wanted the White House obliterated also!

They do not deserve courtesy, they squandered it.


Does that clear things up?

Maybe you never saw that video played back on that day. I won't ever forget. Might forget those gals though.

Wasn't aware a statement qualified as a spat!


Seat's up, all the time!

We supposedly have an Equal Justice System

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47 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Probably a burnt offering of St. Louis cut ribs using oak harvested from the yard.  Only the shaded out dead branches though since the living oaks are sacred.  Gotta love a feast day.

How's the toaster holding up OT?

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All quiet in Duckburg.  Finishing up Little League at the larger park here.   So the two kids umpiring saw a lil bit of heat lightening and had a 30 minute wait.  Couple times with that and I was out the door with two innings left.  Then here come the parents and said they cancelled the game until next Thursday?  This is it.  Their playoffs  so yea, drag it out another week said no one ever.  


On a positive note the large city pool finally opened up.  Costs and lifeguard availability were the reasons it remained closed.  Lifeguards sourced thru the YMCA were wanting 18$ an hour and the pool is huge w/5 stands, no umbrellas and really not much of anything due to the prior mayors doing nothing. 


Have to hand it to a local woman who got things resolved on her own.  Ppl donated all kinds of things and this week, w/the daily high temps, she got some local businesses to pony up for free swimming every day.  Sure they got a lot of free advertising for doing it but it's truly a good thing for the community.  Next week more are getting on board.  The place has been packed every day.  They'll get it sorted so that's one positive thing.  Always nice to sit back and watch when good things just happen.  :)

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@Tarheel moanin Chuckie!  Oldest's birthday today so taking the fam to breakfast.  Opened my big mouth in her Happy Birthday post on fb and now ppl are coming outta the woodwork wanting to come down to the Legion for breakfast.  Seriously?  Ok, bring her a pressie and I'll buy your breakfast too.  Got any extra cash layin around?  😂


Got 4 more on the list already.  Walk-in's accepted???  Lawdy!  Meeting at 8 so yea, I'm screwed.  😂😂😂


MAYBE the problem is solved but I'm hittin the ATM hard just in case.  lol

Yea, so my inbox is now blowin up! EVERYone is coming down for breakfast since I'm "obviously" buying. Remember this "friends" bring her a present of the equivilant value of your breakfast and if ur lucky I MIGHT buy your breakfast! Doubtful but maybe! 🙂 😂😂😂


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On 6/20/2024 at 2:42 AM, Invidiosulus said:

@Marvel, a blacksmith friend of mine recently shared some pictures of his old automatic hacksaw that is used daily to cut lengths of American made 5160 steel.



I've always been quite the cut up, but that's  pretty cool.

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