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Good evening gang


Just got my spare Pc fired up, windows 8, it will do for now.

Came home, fired up my MSI Pc, and weird things were going on, a little trouble shooting and the Pc is telling me there is NO hard drive :o

Opening the case, checking a few things, I see a sticker on the power supply, says 5 year warrenty, im thinkin yep it's about that old.

No power to the Hard Drive from the supply.

I see a visit to Fry's soon.


Took the wife out for the day after jerrys elect project, will finish that in the morning.

Hit a couple Art supplys, Pub W/Viet lunch.  fun/cold day :emotion-21:

Today is year 23 or so the wife tells me :blink:

Congrats…..that's admirable. 

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well i meant at the 25 year of marriage she quit.  we did get married way too young.

Lets keep something perfectly clear here, YOU are IN the OC.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING means chit, wile you are there living it day to day, you do NOT know any better, I know, I lived it for 30 years, 3wifes.

I, am the ONLY one I know left from my childhood still alive. you have NO idea the stress you are consumed by daily. 

I left 24 years ago, because if I did not, I would just do it again. 

Seems like every two months I go off on you, GOOD, wish there was some fk around me pointing out to get the fk out.



The three Wifes:

A single guy has GOT to eat, soooo, everything from IHOP to Marie Calenders im eating well.

The only way you keep a 100Lb waitress is to marry the Beeeech, that gives you a good 5 to 7 year run, remember what she does for a living.

Sooner or later something wearing a suit will look better than you, and you are changing eateries, and doing it all over again.


Ya ever notice no matter how much money you make, it's GONE?  Yeah.........

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I, am the ONLY one I know left from my childhood still alive. you have NO idea the stress you are consumed by daily. 

it hits me everytime i reach for the pill bottle.  Keep yelling, i don’t mind--i told you to keep on me till i left this place.  I need a kick in the backside every now & then.  

By the way, this summer I’m heading up to Portland to see if i can handle that place. Cousin getting married in Sonoma and i’m thinking of continuing the drive after the wedding and checking out the great northwest.  been there before; but, never looked at the place with “could I live here” in mind.

Here’s my luck...i wanted to check out Portland, Boise, and Coeur d’Alene.  Just left a dinner for my granddaughter’s birthday.  Ex-Wife is there--have never told her my plans. Out of the blue,  she tells me that she’s thinking of moving to either Boise or Coeur d’Alene -- guess my list contains just Portland now.

I want to feel like I’m in the wilderness; but, i want to be 15-20 from a decent sized city.

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Better spend to a few days/week in Portland, I did, and opted for Norcal.

Portland is a bit of a stressfull endeavor, and too much of the Gloom factor, daily.

Hell, I wanted to move to a town that a lest I knew someone, but everyone I knew was taking some kind of pill just to get through the day........

Iv got Twin Sisters here but we do not really do much more than FB even living here, "Drama Queens" I do not need.

I ONLY moved here till I retire, and this I did, knowing I will end up in the Reno area in the next year or so.   

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Take notes Stew.  I am thinking of going north west myself.  Washington has no state income tax.  Maybe the south of the state close enough to Portland.  I've lived in the Seattle area, pricy now and so many folks are a culture shock,  of the padded cell variety. 

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