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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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4 hours ago, Tarheel said:

Any tips on what do to when a group is way too loud in public other than saying stfu?  Talking about dinner in a nice restaurant.


If there is one thing that sets me off is..... RUDENESS...... It seems to me this day and age we live in people really have a lack of manners.....

I just don't know how people can act the way they do...... and they see nothing wrong with there actions or the way they speak...... It's all about #1 don't give a shitt about the next guy or family.......

Really though Chuck.... I don't know what to tell ya..... Cuz I have also found myself in some situations such as yours........ 

Now, if they were just a bit loud....not really causing any trouble I would just turn the other way.... If they were loud dropping "F" bombs and really causing problems..... then yea..... it would be on.... 

Years ago I pulled into my local 7-11..... there were a few cars in the lot....some people were sitting in there cars with kids and a few people hanging outside. Before I even got to park my car I could hear the sound system of one of these cars.... It was THUMPING..... the windows were rattling on the 7-11. Nobody was in the car. They just had gotten out of the car and left the system on.... Now loud music doesn't bother me, but it was some hard core gangsta rap coming out of this car. Every other word was "F" this and "F" that....

You could see the people looking at the car.... nobody wanted to hear this crapp....... Into the 7-11 I go.... inside the store you could still hear this crapp...... I looked around and it didn't take me long to figure out who's car it was.... I yelled "who's car is that with the music?" The guy in the back of the store said "it's mine" ..... not missing a beat... I said "get out to that car NOW and turn that crapp off, there are kids out there that should not be hearing that kind of language!!" the two young men said "yes sir".... out to the car they went and turned off the offensive music...  A few people made it a point to thank me..... I didn't do this to be thanked..... I did this cuz it was so damn rude for these guys to behave like that.... and this is my local 7-11...

It's tough to know when you should say/do something or just keep your mouth shutt... The 7-11 thing could have gone a different way.... these two guys were not little... but at the time I really didn't care.... some things just have to be done;)


MKP :-)

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Sitting here in the parking lot of a gas station working on my third cup of joe. Start a new job today (same company, different division different role) so i couldn't sleep much.

On the quit smoking thing. I started when i was 13, on and off again most of the time after that. Cold turkey has worked best for me. Quit about 10 years ago for over four years. I would smoke cigars when drinking. Inhaling every third or fourth puff. Causing me to get addicted to the throat kick. Ended back up on cigarettes. Tried the ecig, but that just didnt cut it. Finally kicked it cold turkey right after Christmas. Had a few cigars since then, just not Inhaling any. I know i am playing with fire, so i just wont do cigars every time i drink.

Well i was about 45 mins early to my new gig. So time to go and check it out and see if they are open yet. I guess i am not used to this 8-430 stuff. More of the 7-5 kind of guy.

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Morning all....

Grandson just got on the school bus..... coffee all done..... ready to roll out......


Over all was a good weekend.... got alot done around the yard...I did get distracted for a few hour yesterday... I'm selling one of my Suzuki Samurai's and a guy stopped by to look at it. This guy builds custom military trucks..... He bought one of his trucks over to the house.... this thing was awesome.... 54" Michelin tires. it started out as a six wheel 5 ton.... He cuts the rear wheels off and put on a custom bed.... it's really a cool truck.... I'll have The BOSS load a pic of it... she took a pic of it with me standing next to it... Anyway he wants my Samurai to flat tow behind a finished truck... He'll deliver the finished truck to his customer and drive the Sammy back... 


Wrapped the weekend up with a fire in the barrel..... and finding a cool stick bug....


Check-in later...


MKP :-) 



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35 minutes ago, Wardsweb said:

Whoa flash back...the old 55 gallon drum fire barrel. My grandparents used one on a daily basis to burn trash. Food scraps went into the trash can, but anything that could burn, did. Thanks for the memory.

We used to use them to keep warm on cold mornings when I worked construction.  Plenty of scrap wood laying around on a construction site.

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17 hours ago, dtel said:

I really couldn't tell you, my wife talked to them and was impressed with the call, I don't do the phone thing, except a few time a year, kids birthdays or mine and fathers day.


I did get a Progear catalog in the mail and it had his name on the outside it but I didn't pay attention. When he asked what brought me to Sweetwater I told him what i needed and he asked about our hobby, he was told to check out this forum since he was a musician and loves audio. 

Forgot about the little pack of candy, that was a surprise also, thoughtful company. 


I've bought stuff in the distant past from Sweetwater, but they have really upped their game. I got some software from them, and the sales rep sent and email AND called me to see if I was able to get it installed with the license key, and if everything was working ok. That is hard to beat service for the good price I got (FL Studio Producer).



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Cooking a 3 1/2 pound chuck roast using Pioneer Woman's recipe.  I added quartered sweet potatoes to her carrots and onions.  3 hours at 275 degrees.....lower than I'm use to.

Will let LF be the critic.....


And in case you still think I'm a wild and crazy guy.....I also gave Jake a bath.  Life in the slow lane:huh:

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47 minutes ago, billybob said:

. Tarheel...Chef in Chief...sounds tasty...:)Spray some vinegar on Jakes clean coat and give him a kiss for me.

Reminds me of the road construction sign...Soft ShouldersB)



Hey billybob what does the vinegar do?

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