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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Evening gang

Nice quite calm78 degrees, cool evening,

i have been wanting to back the 5th wheel into the back yard another 6 feet.

Got the wife outback just to yell at me, keeping me from hitting the pool.

Took a couple stabs at lining it up and felt a "Bump" and noticed, i dont see the wife anymore, CHIT!

Slamming the Dodge into park, sprinting to the back of the trailer---NO WIFE! But the bumper went into

The side of the pool.:ohmy: water flowing out like a river!

Still NO WIFE!

Looking around the other side of the trailer i see her coming out of the house:emotion-21:

All she said was "I went to check on the Steaming Tamales"


Remaining Calm, i said, guess it's time for that spa you have been asking for :wub2:

Meanwile "Gladys Cravits" across the street is instantly standing in the driveway yelling

"I CALLED THE FIRE DEPT".........OMG, ok im ready for a beer:rolleyes:


Life in the Burbs:cool:


Just happen to have a pic of when i painted the pool, so i have a "Before"pic, and a today pic.



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Man, I hate painting.  I'll build anything but my wife has to do the painting.


Talked to my brother yesterday evening.  He left the water in the pipes for 24 hours before he backfilled and all was good and dry.  When he pulled the plug and drained everything, the p-traps stayed full of water so everything was vented correctly.  I won't have to go back till the shell of the structure is up and we'll tie all the vents together into two stacks and run them up through the roof.  We'll do the water supply then as well I suppose.  No digging!

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