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Looking for info on Chorus II


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is there an echo in here? :)

the chorus are a very good speaker & of course have value. they go for anywhere from 450-700 on ebay, probably a little less on CL. as stated, they are definantly worth keeping as i dont think you will find anywhere near the sound quality for that price new or used.

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I've got a pair of very nice oak constructed Chorus II's I know they were made for a short period of time in the 90's, then discontinued, but that's the extent of my information. Are they still worth anything?


Welcome to the forum.

The Chorus II's are fantastic speakers. They can reproduce the most detailed subtleties of quiet passages and acoustic music as well as rocking out with Led Zeppelin tunes. They are keepers indeed. Good luck finding a more complete refined pair of speakers for $700.00 anywhere.


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