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WTB Vintage Heritage or 3 way Klipsch


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My wife would like me to sell you my 1980 Cornwalls with crites crossovers and recently redone walnut veneer (originally birch) and new grilles!

Good choice including heritage in your search. I've enjoyed heritage and even the "extended" heritage for 25 years and you really can't go wrong no matter the budget or space. KGs, chorus, forte, Cornwall, heresy all sound great and of course as you move up the ladder to scala, belle, or k-horn you are at the top of the heap.

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Thanks to forum member jweber I have the wonderful Forte... :D

Ya gotta watch that jweber . He started a post, which was pointed to me by Carl and I wound up owning a pair of La Scala that I was not even looking for. I tell ya there's more then just a couple more that'll help ya find ways to spend your money like any Friend would. Not that I'm sorry. It's just ya got to watch em. :D


Reading posts from either of these two may unexpectedly influence your spending, acquisitons, or knowledge. Follow at own risk!

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Directly from Klipsch. Call the 800 number and select parts. They run about $170.00 a pair or so. Or you can order the entire driver and diaphragm for about $10.00 more a pair and have an extra set of drivers. These are the K53-TI drivers which are used in the cornwall III.

Cool. I will look into it. Have you heard any forte I after the updates you suggest?

Only my forte II, not forte. However the reults on a forte should be just as good.

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