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Heresy retail cost


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Having living with my h3 for a few weeks Im suprised that a loudspeaker costing less than 2k can sound as open live and dynamic as them,I carnt think of any speaker near the price which would come anywhere near them in these areas,I think the retail cost is very cheap for the amount of speaker you get alone with there performance,is the reson the cost is low because the basic design has been around for so long ?

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they are a big box and this is not the style that most consumers are looking for...supply/demand....you are getting a bargain because others want what looks good instead of what sounds good....

Everyone is looking for the sleek form factor. WAF is an issue as well(but you can always get a new wife) Heresy is a great little speaker(it is little). IMO there is nothing nicer that a great big 402 in your living room.

When your horns are bigger than your TV, your know your good.

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I think I have seen that grill and badge before... I am wondering what specifically makes them "wide" and what makes them "Signature edition"?

they do look slightly wider at the woofer, but I can not tell if it's just the angle or not.

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