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K-55 V or police siren ?


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"That looks like an Atlas PD4, similar to but not the same as a PD5V."

A PD4V does not have screws on the top (it has pins pressed in from the side), that is an SD-70 (siren driver), they are horrible for audio (compared to a PD5V).

The SD-70 magnet is a bit thicker, and there is a screw hole on the back.


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there are a bunch of look alikes....some have a threaded hole in the magnet...some have thicker magenets....aome have 100W power handling, some have 60 wattspower handling...some are 4 ohms..some are 16.....some wil shift the crossover point...some have poor response curves.

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attachicon.gifK-55 V.jpgattachicon.gifSiren.jpg

I took my K 55 V out of my LaScala's. The next day I went to work and picked up this police car siren. I unscrewed it from it's horn and noticed it is virtually identical !!! K-55 on the left...

Diaphram is different but you are indeed correct it is the same maker, a horn driver is a horn driver, the siren is just built for very high wattage, around 100 would be normal.

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I wonder what the new police bass drivers look like? I think they're called "The Rumbler", and the idea is that the lower-pitched tone is more likely to be audible in a car with the stereo playing loud and the windows rolled up.

Our local police department got them a few years ago and it was mentioned in the news at the time.

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Back in the day I built a Heathkit electronic siren w/dash/PA control set. including Mic.

110 watts Whail/Yelp all the normal sounds, but what I remember was the Driver/reflector assembly Req no assembly, Huge driver magnet.

Ya know, I think iv still got that thing in a box in the attic.

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