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more cable talk


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This was my first attempt. The hardest part was the Techflex wanting to unravel and getting the pants on (Vaseline was my friend for this). The wire is 12 ga. Karma Cable, around .50/ft.

I have been using this stuff for years. It will kill your $1/ft budget but your separation will be more separated, tubes more tubelike and warm (if you touch them), etc. :blink:

Anyway, not very expensive and really nice quality (nice heavy rubber outside, it does not coil up when ran along a baseboard) and it looks nice.


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Willy, why bare on one end? Don't the Belles need the smaller spades?
Smaller spades would work . Enclosed spades , or whatever it is that they are called , are what I have been using for years .

take a pic of one

Looked em up online they are ring terminals . Something like this .


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That does look nice but the Karma Cable lays really well too. The outer jacket is round and really thick but flexible. It is tinned and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...


Unlike Home Depot cable, tinned Karma Kable will never corrode. As for their claim that the tinning reduces skin effect, who knows? The cable does do a good job, and doesn't cost a fortune.

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