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Assess the condition of 70's and 80"s La Scala

Dave A

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Hi all,

I have been out of town on a few jobs and just have not looked here for a bit. First off the Noblesville sidetrip was a dud. The Klipsch Ampitheatre was about two miles from my jobsite but with 6 inches of snow on the ground nothing was going on and no locals knew anything about a Klipsch soundroom so I never had that pleasure.

Bruce, I will take you up on that offer and next time I am that way I will call ahead and plan a stop. My preferences are all across the board from 70's rock to Irish folk and bagpipes. I am not fussy.

Cabinet condition is a desirable thing but I am finding that pristine cabinets are not out there. All have some degree of damage unless I want to shell out a lot more money.

Now I have added to my situation in the mean time with another pair of La Scalas that were for sale in Cary North Carolina which was on the way to my last job. I figured at $1,100 I could not go wrong and can always resell them later anyway if I choose not to keep them. These have the AL3 crossovers and the best shape cabinets of the three pairs. I am having trouble though identifying the age of these since there does not appear to be a number that corresponds with anything I can find. Their SN#'s are 26247 and 26214 and both are W/O 4738 and both have the same part numbers which is a long string of numbers only. I guess I will pick the best and sell the rest although I have thought about a little fix up first and then see what the market will bear here in TN.

I have some observations on the sound from the three as I bought them. The oldest AA type has the muddiest sound with less definition of the instruments which I assume is due to old capacitors. I am seriously thinking of getting new crossovers for this one just to see how it sounds. Also there seems to be a general concurence here that these years of AA crossover production were some of the best.

The AL type has better sound to my ears with better definition and the bass and drums reach right out and grab you better than the AA pair.

The AL3 has the best definition and oddly enough requires less power to drive them to uncomfortable levels. You know I had to do that though as a matter of strict research ;)

This has led to my consideration for the new AA crossovers as older to newer of the three have a pronounced difference in sound. Is the difference here in the sounds due to just the deterioration of the crossovers or do the components make that big a difference to? As far as I can tell all tweeters etc are OK and all has been tightened up. I will get pictures of the three up in the next day or two.

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OK here are the pictures requested for the three sets of La Scalas. In addition you can see my custome sound room/theatre with the AL-3 pair in place. Now speaking of these I have also attached a pic of the tag. I can't find a match for the data on here so I am asking for help to ID these. post-58071-0-16640000-1395394796_thumb.jpost-58071-0-20760000-1395394819_thumb.jpost-58071-0-65120000-1395394844_thumb.jpost-58071-0-36640000-1395394905_thumb.j


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The older AA crossover pair does have this. The AL pair has nothing stamped in but does have a useable label. The AL-3 pair has an S stamped in one and nothing in the other. Is there another way to figure this out?

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