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Snake Oil?

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For now, I'll vote for snake oil. By the way, has anybody tried putting out little shot glasses of real snake oil? If we could only find some snakes that aren't endangered, and squeeze them into small bottles. A shot glass sitting on each speaker might do wonders. At $125 per bottle, it would be a steal .......... wait ........ aren't there unwanted, alien pythons in Florida?

Supposedly, the original snake oil did work. It was a liniment made from sea snakes found in China and used by Chinese labourers working on the railway.

Profiteers didn't realize or didn't care that liniment made from regular US-found land snakes had no therapeutic effect, and aggressively marketed their snake oil patent medicines, some of which had no snake-related ingredients at all.

That's how snake oil got its bad name.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_oil

As for the original topic, it sounds really dubious. Maybe if a proper test by someone credible was done, it would be possible to know whether those tweaks work or not, but that sales info is quite suspect.

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Guest David H
At $125 per bottle, it would be a steal

You are talking about audiophiles here..... $125.00 per ounce.

Just a tiny drop on your stylus, and all of your connections for true audio bliss.

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What a joke. So you buy some 6061 aluminum rod stock, write a program and cut time for these could not possibly be more than 30 seconds each. It is called do something a typical hobbiest can't do and turn $1.00 into gobs of $$$$$. Can't speak for the pretty box though except perhaps a little Vulcan mind meld action might be required to make it work.

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omg i just binged Brilliant Pebbles Audio lol :unsure::lol: that might be the best. omg lol hahahahahahaha i bet sandstone will work fine. i have a few loose diamonds i might try. The tapes a bit tacky on there tho there should be a better way to attach them that wont interfere with the pebbles hmmm

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