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FS - Phase Linear 7000 Series II Cassette Deck Professionally Serviced


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A very rare gem. Phase Linear Series II Cassette Deck - Same as pioneer CT-A1.

I had this unit serviced last year professionally - still have the receipt - spent over $500 - it was completely gone over and serviced thoroughly and bench tested. Everything works - but I have no manual so I couldn’t figure out how to use the Microscan - so I cannot vouch for that, although it does put test tone on the tape. Since then I have used it approximately 2 hours. Its an awesome deck. I just don’t use it anymore.

Real Heavy Deck - shipping I assume will be around $75-$100

If you use PayPal - please add 3%

Connectivity ◾2 Mono Microphone Inputs


◾RCA Input/Output Connectors

Head Configuration ◾3 Head Design

◾4 Track / 2 Channel

Display ◾4-Digıt Digital Counter

◾Peak Hold

◾Digital Peak-Reading Meters

◾Display Brightness Adjustable

◾Multi Color Peak-Reading Meters

◾Meters Peak / VU Switchable

Calibration ◾Auto Bias Calibration

◾Auto Equalizer Calibration

◾Auto Level Calibration

◾Bias Fine Tune

◾Tape Calibration Memory Store

Transport ◾Auto Stop

◾Dual-Capsŧan Transport

◾Direct Drive (Capsŧan)

◾Mechanical Tape Loading

◾Direct Loading

Tape ◾Chrome Tape Capabılity

◾Ferro-Chrome Tape Capability

◾Normal Tape Capabılity

◾Metal Tape Capabılity

◾Manual Tape Type Selection

Noise Reduction ◾Dolby-B Noise Reduction

◾MPX Filter

Preamplifier ◾Output-Level Control

◾Individual Input Level Controls

◾Individual Output Level Controls

◾Microphone Level Adjust (Left/Right)

Operation ◾Timer Recording/Playback

◾Memory Play

◾Memory Repeat

◾Memory Stop

◾Pitch Control

◾Real-Time Tape Monitoring

◾Record Mute

Exterior ◾Front Loading

◾Orientation Left

◾Silver Finish

Speed ◾1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s




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