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Forte II and Klipsch in general

Robert B.

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Not at all, your more likely to damage a speaker from lower power trying play loud and pushing the amp into clipping, distortion.

Just with higher powered amps and 70 wps is not high even if it's a real 70 wpc, you can damage a speaker with to much power but your ears will probably tell you to turn it down first.

Your safer with more power.


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I run a 250 WPC Adcom amp and other components. I also have forte II, they love "High Current" especially with the forte II with the auto transformers. Although rated at 8 OHM, the forte II can and will dip well below 4 OHM on difficult loads, etc. I am talking occasional spikes.

You brought up a common misbelief that just becuse speakers are "Efficient" does not mean that they do not require a good quality high current amp,

Once you get everything hooked up and burnt in the mods discussed by others will be well worth your effort.

I would, and did proceed in the following order

1) Refresh crossovers

2) Titanium tweeter diaphragms

3) Squawker Titanium Diaphragms

Then sit back and enjoy for the next 30 years or so! :)

Best regards,


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