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Electro-Voice Aristocrats corner speaker cabinets with Jensen st875 h222


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I just aquired these real nice Electro-voice aristocrat speaker cabinets loaded with even nicer Jensen ST875 H222 coaxial 2-way 12" speakers with tweeter control nicely installed on back angle panel, the cabinets are in very good condition but need refinishing they are a light walnut, grilles are good with a littlepatina on metal grid and small hole in one of the screens, these speakers are beautiful and its a shame you can't see them in the cabinet, gold colored dust covers these do not appear to have been tampered with and look all original and surround is in excellent condition on both speakers. The enclosures have what appear to be factory blank off plates for 2 more horns? I have not hooked these up yet to test but I'm confident based on condition they will sound awesome and once I do I may not want to sell them. I will update with test results. Asking $800 will deliver within 75 miles of westerly RI for free and possibly further for additional cost, plz pm me if interested I can send additional pictures, I may also entertain parting out but would prefer to sell as is, thanks for looking


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Thanks for the comments... I always like to get an education on this stuff. I honestly am not an audio guy I am a sanford and son type lol I buy and sell. last time I was here was with the cornwall ii's everyone was super helpful and I hope the gentlemen is happy with them. These are nice and I did a little research but most is outdated if I am off base on my asking price feel free to send an offer.

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The enclosures have what appear to be factory blank off plates for 2 more horns?

The EV Aristocrat was a building block system. 2 levels of speaker components, plus DIY. The blanks are removed to add mid- range horns, the EV 8-HD plus drivers EV T10/25, and tweeters EV T35A/B.

I was fortunate to get a loaded pair for $60.


pic's of componets are always good since there are variations of what could be inside them. I bought as set on the low end of the scale as well and gave them to my brother. Item to watch out for if the DIY person used t-35's or t-350's, for obvious reasons.

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