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need advice for random sets of equipment


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I just got into the receiver game two years ago and I haven't learned much. I will be rearranging my living room and setting up a new LG plasma tv. With the following equipment, what should I set up for the entertainment area?

2 x Klipsch KLF 20

[anyone have a C7 in brown hit me up!]


2 x TF50

2 x TS50

2 x TW50 Subwoofers (do I use both at the same time?)

[hit me up if you got a TC50 center for sale]


4 x SS-TS8

1 x SS-CT8

These are rated at 4Ω, silver colored, tall skinny speakers and dont go well with decor.


2 x FS52

1 x C22

1 x SW-8 subwoofer


Pioneer VSX 42

Denon AVR 3200

Vocopro DA 8900 digital karaoke mixing amplifier

I need a setup for my living room and i got a laserdisc for karaoke and an 8track tape player with a box full of movies. Im considering setting up a karaoke thing but it'll hardly be used. What speakers should I use? Do I go with two klispch in front and something else in the back to achieve 5.1 or 7.1? Would that be wrong to use what I have together in "unison"? Or Should I go with technics and use a wrong center for it?

Any kind of info will be helpful.

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Is your living room and entertainment area two different places? I'm not sure if you are setting up one room, or two.

Also, do you already know what you want, in terms of 5.1 or 7.1 sound? I have a 7.1 AVR, but I prefer a 5.1 setup.

I think the consensus would be to timbre match the Center to the L/R's, but in my living room (lots of TV use) I have a pair of horn driven L/R's with a high quality but mis-matched MTM center with a dome tweeter. I love the quality of spoken voice that comes out of my center, so the mis-matched set worked for me, but I am in the minority on this.

I have also seen posts from people who do NOT run a center, but use a 4.1 setup and let the AVR set up a phantom center. They swear by the phantom center as a great setup, but I think that is also a minority opinion. My point would be, you have some options and how your setup sounds in YOUR room and sounds good to YOUR ears is ultimately what you should go with.

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It is the one room (file attached),

just got done moving stuff in except equipment.

Looks tight space wise. I can fit stuff in. Where should I put the sub? In the corner wedged between the couches?

I wanted to go with 5.1 but with space this tight maybe not.

Let me know what you guys think


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the klf 20s come with two sets of terminals and after reading a little bit about bi wiring amd bi amping im still a little confused. to benefit from bi amp i would have to use two times the amount of wire? i have a section on my denon that says bi wirng front B under the front left and right terminals. if i were to do a and b to my klf 20s do i also remove the gold metal thing is connected to my terminals on klf 20s

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If you are using two subs, find two corners for them if possible. You can bi-amp the KLF but, it is not really worth the trouble. See which speakers fit best if the space is tight. Smaller speaker may work well in that room. Read : A Guide To Bass Management Part I at the Bluray forum and it will take you thru the setup process for two subs. I forgot to say, Welcome to the forum. Others will be along to offer advice and help. We have a great group of people here. :)

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thanks for the lead onto the bass management thread!

very useful info organized and said in a way i could understand when im in the right mind lol

so far i moved my KLFs into front left and right position.

im considering doing two subs to test out how it feels and stacking two technics onto the top of the subs at rear surround positions. one sub will be in the corner and the other will be parallel but in a pathway with no wall except a couch. if you look at the picture its the closest spot towards the camera.

i ll try more configs if ppl have recommendations.

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