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Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System (patent pending)


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On 2/1/2004 2:45:41 AM Btrigg wrote:

On the side of non secluded listening, I got my dad to buy the microworks with the cambridge music system thing to replace his 15 year old bose. They do a fair job, the treble is lacking, and the bass is loose, but it does the job while being small and looking dad (#1 for my dad, I just had to get him away from bose). I wanted to go for the 413 or whatever, the high end sattelites, too expensive though.


As long as another person is kept from buying bose..its a victory!

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While I was in the Air Force, we used to speed test duct tape. Before you washed an F-4 Phantom, you taped over the pitot, static, altitude, avionic sensor and other numerous tiny holes the aircraft had to prevent wash water from damaging the instruments.

After the wash, if the crew chief forgot to remove the tape, it got "speed tested" on the Phantom. One slight problem though, the wingman would get the speed reading, the pilot would get nothing because an instrument was dead and the crew chief would get an ***-chewing for allowing the tape to get speed tested.

One day our captain announced at roll call that our tape should no longer be referred to as "hundred mile an hour tape" but as "five hundred mile an hour tape".

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sniff.... it HAS been a long time guys.

It is great to hear from you veterans from 1999 when the Klipsch forum was birthed, along with our ProMedia line...

All the best to you.

And to those still lurking, please do check in!


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