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Marantz receivers...


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...Just wondering if anyone with some experience with the newer Marantz receivers, particularly the SR-7200 could offer some opinions on build and sound quality, etc. And, what exactly is "Circle Surround 5.1"?




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Circle Surround basically does the same thing as Dolby Prologic II or DTS Neo:6. Apparently it works really well.

The only thing I can say about Marantz receivers is that I've seen many reports of repeat failures on audioreview.com. Also, I've spoken to a previous Marantz owner and he told me he had problems with his units about three times...

It's starting to get out of the coincidence or faulty batch realm in my opinion. I'd go with Denon or Harman/Kardon, especially if your use is primarily home theater. It also seems Marantz is more optimistic with their power ratings than other brands.


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Thanks for the input. Kinda confirms my fears. But man, I just love the looks, features and specs for the money. I don't really want to go the A/V receiver route for SACD/DVD-A, but I don't see a lot of affordable alternatives. What I really like is the McCormack MAP-1. But I'm afraid to lay out big bills for a strictly analog multi-channel pre-amp, for fear that they'll finally start putting digital outputs on the players, and there I'll be - out of date again!



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I think,if you're lucky, you get what you pay for. Sometimes more.

The receiver has the 5.1 inputs and has a bi-wire feature whereas one could use 4 of the channels of amplification in 2-channel use. Good receiver for the elcheapo price. May be a good 5.1 choice for a fence-sitter, until something better came along. Just a suggestion.


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Hey, where's that Tresspasser dude - this just may be perfect for him for his KG2.5s he said he just got! Almost tempting to buy one for my neighbor to go with thier brand new 54 inch HDTV they just got. They have a complete set of speakers just sitting there doing nothing (albight very old, including a pair of Bose 301s).


Steven Konopa

Fredericksburg, VA

Denon AVR3802 (Receiver)

RF-7 (Fronts)

RC-7 (Center)

RC-7 (Rear)

RS-7 (A Surrounds)

Infinity RS2000.5 (B Surrounds - recycled)

REL Storm III (Subwoofer 1)

Yamaha YST-SW40 (Subwoofer 2 - Recycled)


Sharp DX-200 (CD - ancient)

RCA DWD490RE (DirecTV/Ultimate TV receiver)

Sharp 32 inch (TV)

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I thought Marantz A/V receivers were meant to be very good. I read that many people took the Marantz SR9200 over the Denon AVR-5803. Is this true?


Coming soon...

Home Theater:

TV: Panasonic TX-36P500X (36" Direct View 16:9 HDTV)

A/V Receiver: Marantz SR9200

DVD Player: (Still deciding)

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Mains: Klipsch RF-7s

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7s

Subwoofer: Dual SVS CS-Ultras w/Samson S1000 amplifier

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I own a Marantz Sr-18 and believe it is top quality. I spent several months researching and comparison shopping before deciding on this unit. I think it is a very nice match with my RF-7's. It is very quiet and seemed less harsh (to my ears)than Denon, Yamaha, B&K AVR202. Didn't compare with HK.

I replaced 2 channel Crown amp and Preamp. The Crown might have played at higher levels but was definitely noisier than the Marantz.

I have experienced no problems but have been hearing more quality concerns re: Marantz lately.

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I had two (count 'em) SR-7200's shipped to me. Both were DOA!! The first one let out a full volume shotgun blast thru my left front speaker when I tried the test tone set-up! The second one, they plugged in and tested to make sure it worked before it was air expressed to me, and it also didn't survive shipping (it wouldn't even stay powered on). Granted, they were being shipped from Florida to Washington State, and they were both factory refurbished units. I spoke to a Marantz tech after the first one, and he explained that they only sample test some of the new units coming off the assembly line, but that all refurbished units are throughly tested. So the theory was that I had better odds of getting a good unit by buying refurbished. Thats still an unproven theory for me! After two failures, I gave up. If it can't survive shipping, I was concerned about how long it would last in my rack!!



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OK, As a dedicated Marantz owner, MY TURN.....

First off, I pitted the Denon 3802 against the SR7200,

and Marantz won hands down...YUP....even par Receivers.

The 3802 was so bright(reminds me of Onkyo)there was little mid and "no" lower end. The SR7200 stood up to the plate and grand slam Smile.gif Sorry, I know by the board most Klipsch owners have Denon, but I heard both in even competition. Got to love it, D&M Holdings LTD(Ripplewood eh).

Marantz "had" a problem with "popping sounds", 2001 models 7200-4200. All 2002's have been corrected. Don't believe all you read at Audioreview.com.......

We listened to a track off of Hearts live accoustical concert in a "bar" in Seattle Washington called "Heart The Road Home", and the show was over in 5 seconds, Marantz floored it Smile.gif

The SR7200 covered the whole sound stage, with Monitor Audio Silver 9i's in 2 channel, and a pair of Monsoon FPF1000's as an alternative later.

Maratnz CS 5.1 will take the mono\analog signal and convert it to 5 channels. Then again what is NEO6, DTS, THX, they are ALL sound fields "you" pick and chose to what you want to listen to, that simple, unless you have the "up to date" bug.

Reminds me of 80\90, Dolby ProLogic 4 and stadium\hall

etc etc etc

To add, Marantz is a "very" serious competitor in the HT marketplace, OH YEAH.... Smile.gif

think I need a spell chekr...5 hrs later....HA...

my toy list:


Klipsch La Scala's®

Klipsch Hersey II's(boxed 7.1)

Klipsch KLF-C7©

Velodyne FSR-18(sub)

TEAC A-4300 Reel to Reel tape

Pioneer GR-777 10 channel eq

Musical Fidelity XLPS phono pre-amp

Monster HTPS 7000 Power Centre

Marantz 6200 turntable(76)

Marantz A\V Receiver Reference SR18EX

Marantz DV-12S1 Reference Progressive Scan DVD

3-Marantz MA700 mono block amps(f&c)

Marantz DR6000 CD recorder(single tray)

Marantz VM5100 S-VHS hifi vcr

Marantz SD57 cassette tape(single tray)

Toshiba 34HF81C HDTV

All Monster M1000 interconnects and SW350i sub cable,

with Kimber Cable(digital dvd and speakers 8TC). Using PS Audio "mini" lab power cords as well...oh yeah Smile.gif

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Ah, a true believer! I may be willing to give Marantz a shot. We'll see. What I'm doing is a little dreaming/planning for the multi-channel future. If I were buying today, the system at the top of my list would probably be the Marantz SR-8200, SA-8260 and DR-6050. Assuming I could overcome my fear factor, that is. Next would be the Pioneer VSX-47TX, DV-47A and PDR-W37. (Yes, I do like matched systems.) Oh well, coveting material things is such fun!

Actually, by the time I'm ready to buy, the whole picture may have changed, what with the rapid evolution of h/t receivers (channel/format proliferation, sat. radio, sacd, etc.) Thanks for the input.



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The 8200 is a sweeeeettttt unit, love the remote. It's also upgradable online and has a unique built in security feature. I don't find the SR9200 as a good replacement to the SR19EX. I'm waiting to see what the new SR18EX will do myself Smile.gif

Good choice on the 6050, HDCD recordable. Nice format but not pushed enough like SACD and DVD\A.....

Marantz is a serious Player....OH YEAH Smile.gif

To add, think serious about Pioneer. I owned a Pioneer VSX-9900s when Dolby 4 channel ruled(92, weighed 62 lbs,bad Receiver), since then Pioneer has slid way downnnnnn....so has Sony ES, you pay for a "name".

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Yes, Pioneer was quite a contender in the '70s. (At least in the affordable market, where I play.) I had a quite decent Pioneer setup myself. And funny you mentioned Sony ES, my current rig, running on about 12 years now for the oldest pieces. I've heard some say their quality has declined, but I'm not totally convinced. The last ES stuff I bought was a TA-F606ES integrated amp and an ST-S550ES am/fm tuner, from about '96 and '97. I'm totally satisfied with those components. The only ES component I've had fail was an eleven year old 10-disc CD changer. And that failure was caused by my 5-year-old daughter putting a CD she pulled off the side of a cereal box in it - upside down! I could not get it to spit the thing out. I had to force it out, after which it wouldn't work at all.

Pioneer's current line of "Elite" receivers are quite gorgeous, and feature mos-fet output devices, which I've always felt sounded more organic, or less hard than bipolars. I am a little concerned about their rating their power only into 6 ohm loads, presumably to up the advertised power rating. They also have multi-channel tone controls, which I consider a good thing, especially if they work on the multi-channel analog input. (Which they may not. I don't know for sure.)

BTW, the last time I checked the Marantz web site, the DR-6050 was gone. The DR-6000 was still shown, along with the 4000 and 4050 (I think). Also, they now have a "universal" disc player - the DV-8300. Plays'em all! CD/CD-R/CD-RW/SACD/DVD-A/DVD...wow! I want it bad!!!



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Originally posted by boomer9911:

The 8200 is a sweeeeettttt unit, love the remote. It's also upgradable online and has a unique built in security feature. I don't find the SR9200 as a good replacement to the SR19EX. I'm waiting to see what the new SR18EX will do myself

OMG, you're damn right it's "sweeeeettttt." I just picked mine up 2 days ago. The damn things been on backorder FROM MARANTZ for over 3 weeks. I love the thing, it does everything i want it to. It has many of the features of recievers twice it's price. I'm really liking the remote (but may go with a pronto instead) and the fact that it's software upgradable at such a low price is very nice. If you want drop me a line (my profile) and we can talk about my new baby.

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love the warm, smooth sound my marantz sr8000 & b&k give to my rf-3 & klf/cornwalls respectively. heard the 7200 in a store & it seemed to still provide that marantz sound that's not "too bright" w/ klipsch.

however, i wouldn't consider another marantz for 2.1-5.1 channel stuff until they catch up & put in an adjustable crossover in the processor that goes down to

40-60hz for the big speaks. though i'm more of a stickler on this than most. cwm4.gif

if they're putting easy upgradability in the new ones that's a big plus. i'm sure once marantz gets a clue they'll address the crossover & big, non-thx style speaks issue w/ an upgrade as long as they stay in the digital receiver business.


My Home Systems Page

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Yes, the 7200 seems to be very high on the bang-for-yer-buck scale; wonder how they do it? Is it made in Japan, or has Marantz gone for cheaper manufacturing elsewhere?

Also, for the relatively close power ratings of the 7200 & 8200, the size and price are a lot different. I'm assuming the 8200 must have a much beefier power supply. But then I wonder how important that would be driving an all klipsch heritage system? It might make no audible difference, considering the minimal power requirements of 'dem horns.

My current front-running system for a planned early 2003 upgrade: Marantz SR-8200, DV-8300, and DR-6000.



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