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Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)


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My name si Gianluca I am from Italy and read with a lot of interest this forum. Here in Italy the informations about Klipsch’ world are not enough…

Months ago I have been lucky! I found here in my city (Rome) a pair of Hip 2.

Black version.

I always desidered a pair of Heresy but price is exagerated…even for 2hand model.

I paid these Hip 2 a reasonable price.

The conditions were good but the aspect not the maximum to be placed in the living room with a perfectionist wife….

Black color with a big handle oh the top….

I received Also the documents with expired warranty and a personal letter wrote by klipsch with a typewriter….

I removed the upper handle e close the hole from inside with a thin wood and using a professional vynil, all the exterior has been covered. Black oak finish.

The components are



K42 and K42E on the other.

I suppose that it is because the speakers has not sequential series numbers and so a model has been made using a different supplier. 

Crossover is according the label Hip2


No words!

In my system I have a McIntosh ma6100 and on the other McIntosh C47 with 275.

In both cases the results are wonderful.

Since the first day I noticed a full complete big sound.

Bass strong and with depth more than necessary sometimes.

My living room is not big and more bass could be only a problem. The bass is very articulate, solid with firm structure. Sweet and nice the mids and highs.

My opinion on these speakers has been upgraded after I listen a pair of classic Heresy 2 here at my home with my McIntosh. Almost night and day. Hip2 all life! Full bodied sound at low volume, and much more details at normal volume. At high volume the Heresy 2 shows their limit….the Hip2 no problem…they are happy to sound.

I think that no changes has been made to the crossover.

For those who say that bigger efficiency means less bass I want assure that it is not true, at least in my case with my speakers. The double front reflex increase the bass, goes deep and it is a perfect match. I would be very curious for a listening with Heresy 4…. I am really in love with these speakers. 

I will attach some pictures.

Let me know your opinion. 










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