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reviews on the Heresy II

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DON'T believe everything you read at Audioreview! There are some valid remarks, but it is "personal", a good example is the Khorn reviews, either love em or hate em.

As for the Hersey II's I owned a pair(93) to go with

my Khorns(93) and found them to be a great match(mind you the Belle or La Scala would be better). Great highs, but unfortunately my ex got them in the divorce split, she didn't want the Khorns, to big..HA! I am getting a pair of La Scala's to replace for rear surround(C7 for centre at present)and will get another pair of Hersey II's for future 6.1 and 7.1 in 2002

You may want to also try any of the audio magazines online, ie. http://www.stereophile.com or http://www.soundandvisionmag.com to name a couple, and do a search of their archives for product reviews, in this case Klipsch Hersey's.

A truly nice speaker, well worth it!


LaScala's(August, according to my Distributor Biggrin.gif )


Adcom ACE-515 Enhancer

Marantz SR18EX A\V Receiver

2-Marantz MA700 mono blocks(Khorns)

Marantz DV3100 DVD

Marantz VM5100 S-VHS hifi

Marantz CD4050 dual casette

Marantz DR4160 3 disk carousel with single tray CDR

Toshiba 50HX70 HDTV

DVDO Iscan V2

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At least 2 of the postings on the Heresy 2 page of audioreview are mine.

Since last posting I have upgraded my amp to an Accuphase E211 and have not looked back. Just gets more breathtaking by the day.

The perfect speaker for those of us without the room/budget for the KHorn, La Scala et al.

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