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FS - Klipschorns in Oiled Oak


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Hi everyone,

I recently came in to a pair of beautiful Klipsch Klipschorns. Serial numbers note they were built in April 2000. They are oiled oak with black grilles. They have the AK-3 crossovers. They are almost perfect, with just two small (smaller than thumbnail) dings to the veneers on the back corners. It took me several days to notice them.

Otherwise they are beautiful. The sound is terrific too - they are really bewitching. If they weren't so massive (far too big for anywhere in my small house) I would definitely keep them. In any case I've caught the bug for horns - is there any way to get even part of this beautiful sound in a smaller package?

In any case, these must go. I'm going to play them every night until they do and as long as my very-patient wife lets me park them in the middle of the living room.

I have a bunch of photos on my camera at home and I'll post a few here from my iPhone as well.

I am located in the DC metro area in Silver Spring MD. I won't ship these as they are absolutely massive and require lots of care in transport. I'll help you carry them out but they will take a pretty large vehicle - they are about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide and deep.

I have these advertised on DC Craigslist for $3875. I may also put them on eBay but would love to work a sale with a fellow Klipsch aficionado (I'm a lurker here on the forum and have a pair of KG-4s that I love). Please contact me via PM if you are interested, know anyone who is interested, have questions, or would like to come out and take a look.






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I would find a way to make those fit looks like there is enough room in there just from the pics. By the way oak ones very hard to find.....keep them make a deal with wife for something if you can. Rick

I never thought oak k-horns were hard to find.

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At least do yourself a favor and get them IN THE CORNERS where they belong for now. You'll be amazed how they 'disappear' in many rooms. Most of us don't use the corners for much, and you can put stuff in front of them without blocking the sound.

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