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Are Classé amps cheaper in canada, since made in quebec


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hi guys,

i was just wondering if Classé amps are cheaper in canada than the USA since they are a canadian product. For example, the Bryston 7BST sell for 3000 dollars us in america, and 3000 canadian in canada. I figured that this is the same case with classe since they are also canadian amps like bryston. Am i right!

thank you

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You can check with their distributors but unfortunately it is not always the case that Canadian made products are priced lower in Canada than the same product offered for sale outside of Canada.

There are various reasons for this. If the American distributor orders 500 units at a time he can reasonably expect to get a larger wholesale discount than the Canadian distributor who may have a market for 10 units at a time.

On the other hand many manufactured goods are priced in U$ regardless of where they are sold or manufactured.

Lastly the Canadian price may be higher simply because the market will bear a higher price and the manufacturer or dealer prices his product to be comparably priced with similar products imported into Canada from the U.S.

The above may or may not apply to Classe amplifiers etc.

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