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Please ID these old Klipsch Cabinet Speakers

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I just aquired a really nice pair of old Klipsch speakers in huge cabinets for my band room.

They look like they were used in an auditorium or something. They work great.

Can anybody help me find out more about them like age, purpose, value, rarity, collectability ?

Pics attached.





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As was mentioned in 2014, those did NOT come from Klipsch.  They've never had quite that crappy of wiring.  They are of homemade variety from some version of Klipsch speakers.  What does the tag say on the crossover network on the back wall?  There should be something there like B, AL, etc, etc.  That could possibly tell what cabinets they were bastardized from.

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I think they were not built by Klipsch, but someone used Klipsch components and put them in home built cabinets.


What size/diameter is the woofer (red surround)? The cast aluminum mid horn should have the model number (K-400, K-600, etc.) The crossover should have the type on the aluminum strip on the edge (type AA, AB, AL, etc.)


Giving us that info will identify what the parts came out of.



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Cornhorn ???

I have stuff like this loaded up with anything and everything. Altec, EV, JBL, unknown drivers of monster size and stone age looks.

Either way, crank em up and enjoy with a fine glass of bourbon. Sheesh why do I have to wait 4+ hours to have me some bourbon.




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Each of the back of the horns have a Klipsch tag; PK K-55-v / serial #10035 and #10041.


I don't know anything about speakers. I'll have to go back and look for the other numbers referred to here.


I do not think these are home made. The cabinet work is A1 and there's no evidence there was ever anything else inside them to think they used to be something else.







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Cabinet makers can make pretty swell cabinets.  As can I and others on this site....and lots of other places.  


Again, look at the tags on the crossovers and see what it says written on the aluminum label.  That will tell what the drivers/crossovers came from.

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Al at alkeng.com says they're not by Klipsch so I'll go with that but the question remains who made these ?
These weren't cheap cabinets to make and they don't look like they were ever for anything else.


Where might these be from I wonder?

Any of you cabinet people ever seen anything like these?

They look like something from a church or school auditorium or something.

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There is a Klipsch strip on the bottom edge of the elec board that says Type A.

What's type does type A mean ?


See pics. The wiring pic is from the other cabinet. It doesn't have any modified wiring like the other pic showing some jumpers. Btw, the brown speaker wire is mine to the other speaker


I've got the front grills back on and don't have the bottom speaker diameter.








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