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Lightweight?! The hell are you chirpin' about with 9 whole posts?

LOL ….. I’m thinking you’re the Newbie son

I’ve been around this forum since the early 90’s , I’ve seen this forum page change 4 or 5 times . I’ve seen just as many great folks disembark from the klipsch forum thanks in part to sarcastic simps with little or nothing to contribute but their unweighted opinions . Hence my hiatus , when I returned I had to make a new profile because mine was so old it was gone !

Back in the day we use to swap plans for building our own k-horns at home as well as opening up the Woofer access panel of the Lascala and building a bass riser and Altec Lansing 511 B horn retrofits to both the Belle and Lascala . We had great guys around like Jean Fancious lessard who founded Panthion Audio , Mark before he started building Blueberries or whatever he calls them now , Craig well before NOS valves was ever in business , ALK was in his infancy building networks , Gregg was sanding down cabinets in his garage and still building homes before he took on building speakers full time . Dean before he even knew what a crossover was ( now he builds them ) .. Kelly always chimed in with his oversights . The list can go on for pages and pages and pages … Hell Amy wasn’t even on the scene to babysit back in the day , we use to have Trey Cannon overseeing the forum

I have the very first Dynaco Mark III’s that craig ever rebuilt and complete details were shared here ( now his own amp offerings are basicly based on that design ) … I have the very first SRPP 6SN7 Pre-amp built by panthion audio ( serial number 001 ) , details all shard here .( if you have no clue who JFL is then try the Magnaquest website ) I have refinished countless speakers for forum members as well as chromed countless amp chassis over the years …

My first pair of Lascala’s were purchased new back in the early 80’s … Now my garage system puts to shame most home systems . Rotel RB-1090 (380 watts per side ) , Rotel RCD 991 CD player , Panthion Audio 6SN7 pre-amp , NBS Dragon Fly inter-connects , Monster cable MZ-2 speaker cable and a pair of Birch Lascala’s ( AK-2 Networks ) … That’s 15 k easy if not 20k depending on location .

I now have 4 k-horn’s , 6 Lascala’s , 2 Belles , 4 Cornwalls , 6 heresy in the klipsch line … I also own numerous other speakers = to or better than . I’ve got enough tube gear to cook a steak on and solid state equipment in the 100k plus range .

Yet hey… what do I know right ? After all I just have 9 posts

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