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SOLD SOLD Qinpu tube amp SOLD SOLD


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I have for sale a qinpu tube amp that i just bought from forum member jweber.

here is what it is, for any interested parties i can get pics of it.


i have some extra tubes that he gave me for the "rollers" out there. i honestly plugged it in and listened for about 20 minutes (not even enough time to warm up) and unplugged. i have been go go go with house renovations, work, and a few other things. i am selling some excess stuff right now because i am trying to have the cash be put into the home theater. so all stuff not being used frequently is going.

175$ and you cover the shipping. jweber bought this from ebay from a guy and sold it to me for what he bought it for, i am doing the same. shipping was 10$ from him to me so i cant imagine being more than say 20 to anywhere in the states.

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The little amp gets some good reviews. Good luck with your sale.
it does. thats why i was so excited when james called me about selling me this. but he had the same issue, just not time to really sit and listen. it just seems i have not had any relaxing time in the last month. and i still have a huge list of stuff to get done while my family is away on vacation, and the summer is over.
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First entree into tubes. I have a pair of Heresys and La Scalas, so I'm eager to try these out.

I wish i would had caught this sale...that little amp will make either H's or Ls's do absolutely what they are designed to do. Very nice choices indeed!

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