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Anyone ever use Howard's Restor a Finish?


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I saw a good demo of this also. However I had already purchased some Watco Rejuvenating Oil which I applied to a set of Advents as an experiment just this morning. So far it looks like an amazing transformation. I used steel wool to apply. After 72 hours I'm considering adding Watco Satin Wax or the Howards wax which has carnuba wax and orange oil. Along with a refoam this will make a nice set of vintage speakers for someone. Like I stated earlier though, the transformation is amazing, but I wanted to try it on something less important to me before I tackle my Cornwalls.

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I have used Restor A Finish and the Feed-n-Wax on a pair of beater La Scalas I picked up. Man, what a difference! They look great.

I started with super fine steel wool (0000) and denatured alcohol to clean them, then used the wool again with the Restor A Finish. Followed it up with the wax (applied with cloth) and boom! They look spectacular!

It's not a cure all, though. Deep gouges can be colored, but are noticeable in harsh light. Still, it's pretty remarkable for a quick fix.

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