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Vintage rare 1950s Klipschorn speakers for sale


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The price is negotiable, I posted to get a estimated value and what they could sell for. If seems a fair price would be 2k for the pair. If there is someone interested please msg me.

Very cool. Thanks for posting them here.

Do you have pics of the drivers?

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Here are the crossovers for the speakers, hope this helps. We are looking for 2k for the pair, thanks again for all your feedback.


More pics the better. Is that original documentation on the horn? The more that is known about these the better it will help your sale. This is a great early pair.

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If those were in Europe I'd buy them right away for that money. Over here things like that are nowhere to be found and when a set pops up they're abused or stored in a damp place.

These are the best pair of early Khorns I've seen in years... I was already happy as can be when I found my "untouched" K-C-FB 's some time ago local. Phoned the seller right away and jumped in my car next day to get them.

Really hope these early ones go to a good home.

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Thanks for the information and feedback, I have contacted them and spoke with one of their techs who recommended me try looking for a buyer here, these are at an estate sale. I knew the name Klipsch and thought these would be worth the research. I contacted Klipsch to see if they could enlighten me with any info they had about these speakers. Basically, he told me they were made between 1948-1961 while their serial numbers consisted only of 4 digits, these serial numbers indicated they were mfg around 1954-1956 and that it was by Klipsch & Associates


This is what my 1956 looks like. Notice serial#.


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