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Klipsch Digital Surround Sweetness


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Yep, I got the one out of the two 2.1's in my oredered 4.2 set today, and with my center channel 2.1's its a 4.2 till tommorow when it'll be 6.2.

For games (ex:q3 arena) must admit, beyond awesome, how shaking, earth quaking, pure pure heaven. The 4x was awesome for gaming, but damn if I am anxed waiting for philips to release 4 channel spdif mixin.

For dvd: ok but no cigar, the lack of the center channel at the moment hearing 4.2 is good but feels dizzying with no center vocal orientation, like surrounded, but only in corners.

Overall more than worth the dough spent. With my rb-1's and pro's I am beyond content.

So far my current setup:

Klipsch 2.1 (Front)

Klipsch 2.1 (Rears)

Klipsch 2.1 (Center - Tommorow FedEx)

Midiland ADS-2000 Digital Receiver

16x Pioneer 105s dvd slot load drive

Hollywood+ Em8300 Mpeg-2 Decoder

Real Magic HW+ Remote Control

Philips Acoustic Edge

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Could you give me a rough over view of what you think of the slot loading pioneer DVD drive, as im thinking of getting that model!

1.Slot loading mechanism (is it any good/trouble)?

2.Access speeds (does it seem fast enough)?

3.Opperational noise (does it blow the house down when it is spinnig at full speed)?

Thanks for any help you can give me with this!



Birds may fly, but rats don't get sucked into jet engines!!!

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slots nice, but i like my 12x toshiba.. very quite, and does raw reading that the pioneer doesn't do.

i found that my 6x slot pioneer was quite loud, but dunno how much that has changed since then.

As for this triple 2.1 setup.. i think you all are crazing for doing this.. too much money smile.gif

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As for the 16x pioneer its nice. But like the tray it revs like a 56 t-bird. I would try something like one of the toshiba or aopen models. Much quieter. The slot load is nice, great if you have shaky hands like me. But other wise, hella loud, good though. No buffer lapse at all.

As for the 5.1 channel deal. I know the deal. I know its only 6.3 speakers and 5.1 channels, its just it makes it confusing to convey the design if you say 5.1 for a 6.3 - 5.1 setup.

As for the money deal, its upgradeable cheaply with time. Computer receivers at about 100.00 are far cheaper than "most" good receivers and will do 4x gaming real well. Thus thats one of the main reasons, others is the space deal.

Well it works

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