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*SOLD* OO Klipsch Chorus II & walnut Academy *SOLD*


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Still available

No way! Are people in Southern California stupid?


Have you put this on CL?  They should be gone in a snap.


Ha! I guess they just have different priorities. 


I am still optimistic that these will sell here, or at AK. Craigslist will be my last resort.

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Also sent a PM, no reply......wah....



GMC - i havent received your PM reply....please resend when you get a chance, ready to roll....


I apologize, and am not sure what happened. Both PMs came to my email <gmccaughey@gmail.com>, and I replied from there. I will try again via Klipsch PM momentarily.


Edit: All PMs replied to. Sorry everyone, I neglected to read the part in my email about not responding directly, and having to click the link to respond via PM. In the interest of full disclosure, I was celebrating my wife's birthday last night, and might've had a couple of drinks before getting online.

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Well thank YOU Greg, a killer deal I just could not let pass. It is actually for fellow forum member "Video Guy", I did the deal 1. because my sister lives about 30 miles from Greg and could do the pick up thing and 2. If VideoGuy Larry got cold feet and backed out I would be overjoyed to add another Academy to the Klipsch pool.

Thanks again Greg and thanks to Klipsch for this forum that makes us all one big family.

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