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Fitzmaurice Table Tuba Question--TUBA NOW HOME!

Mr. Clark

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Calling all Bill Fitzmaurice fans!


There is a table tuba that someone is offering me that has an unusual modification. The builder set an extra inch of room for the woofer driver than what was written in the plans and, as a result, the horn has an extra 6 inches of length I believe. I'm wondering how this will affect the frequencies and if it renders the subwoofer useless. 


The builder claims that he cannot tell any difference--but wanted me to know for the sake of transparency and specifically pointed me to you all. 


Any advice is appreciated!


Thanks all!

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Unless the price is very good I would build one yourself or get Jason Str to build you one. The plans seem well thought out and I would have reservations about one that deviates that far from them. 


The price is very reasonable, indeed. I would love to have Jason build me one--his are absolutely beautiful! That would be ideal, really. However, they are out of my price range at the moment and this is a very inexpensive alternative. I just don't want to compromise quality too, too much.


I'm a little over budget on making the Scalas work the way I want em' to. I'm trying to cut corners where I can.  :wacko:

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Buy it.

We are guys, we can fix anything.

The only people that are concerned about an inch or two are women.



LOL!  Perfect! 



I almost hate to ask this, but why ask us?  Why not ask Bill Fitz?  He posts on AVS.com frequently and his is very active in answering questions of all kinds, I bet he knows exactly how that slight mod would affect his Tuba design.


Or email him directly at: http://www.billfitzmaurice.com/

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Hey all--I had posted on the Fitzmaurice forum, without too many responses. Most people said just give it a try.


I drove to Wisconsin yesterday and met a very nice guy who likes these kinds of projects. He had a BEAUTIFUL set of Belle Klipsch in teak, Khorns, Scalas, and 3 pairs of Heresys all being driven at the same time from different parts of the room. I listened to his THT and Tuba Table and they sounded spectacular. The modification makes very little difference to my untrained ear, so I purchased it at a healthy discount.




The Tuba Table is now home! It's in need of veneering, which will be my next "to do" project. I'll have to work on the placement, too (as you can see).


I picked up the sub, driver, and a 240W Dayton amp (all boxes and manuals included) for $100! He just wanted to make room for building other projects.


Anyway, it finally rounded out the base problem I was having with these Scalas and I'm thrilled to have it here. (Not sure the neighbors are thrilled, though!  :P )

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