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Delete a Post Within a Topic?

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Is there a way to delete? I see I can Edit my own but no Delete or Remove, A later clarification sometimes makes a prior unnecessary.

Just trying to keep thing cleaned up.


A moderator can delete a post if asked?


Do you have one in particular you wish to have deleted?

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Do you have a flux capacitor?
i think my Aunt has one. 



Does she drive a Delorean?


at 92 she doesn’t drive anymore.   always loved that line from Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run.  He’s in an interview and is asked if he has any experience running a high speed, electronic, digital computer.  he said “yes, i do.” then he’s asked “where?” and he replies “My aunt has one."

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If she could still drive her Delorean she wouldn't need to be 92 anymore . . . and she could delete the OP's post.


I think you've hit upon a thread topic.  Identify the quote, movie line, lyric, etc., such as, "No, but the fox did."

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