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Best music player for Android plus question on music storage

The Dude

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Ok lets start with the first thing. I am looking at apps that allows me to sync my music to my phone.  So I can pull up Artist, Genres, playlist, etc. Hit play and go.  I have been trying Amazon, but it seems if they don't sell the music at their store it won't down load that to my phone.  I don't want to have to use data or wifi.  I just want to store them to my phone. So I was looking at these 5 do to the recommendations( or the fact I Goggled the best music player for Android). I all ready have some sort of Google music on my phone but it only seems to have the music that was in my Amazon cloud downloaded. Another thing I noticed is if I have purchased music form Amazon, its kind of like Itunes it won' t let me make a copy of it to another program.  Now I have Plex, but I haven't paid for the premium, so if paying for it will take care of my needs then that might be an option(especially if I have to pay for the app).   Here are the 5,


Double Twist




Power amp, this looks like a good one, but you have to pay for it.  Which again may be something I could accomplish with Plex.




Google play music., 


Shuttle Music Player








Now I don't need anything to work with my Itunes from my computer, actually I have a couple of folders that are Itunes songs.  Which brings me to my next question.


I have a 500 gb external hard drive that I have movies, and would like to move my pictures and music over.  Now if I do this could I delete all the pictures and music off of my internal hard drive, and if I do will I still be able to use WMP on my computer. 


I guess one thing I want to accomplish is get rid of unnecessary apps on my phone, and unnecessary copies of music off of my computer.  Get all media to one spot so when I get a real media server together I can just transfer everything to it.  Plus when I want to load music to my phone I just want to be able to connect it to my computer and drag copies of the music to my phone for the music app to access.  Then I can just play music, this sounds simplest to me, unless someone has a simpler way.  Let me know. One more quick thing, if I delete those Itunes folders will it delete all the songs on my Itunes. 



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